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IFES Europe

IFES Europe is present in nearly all European countries that have a university. We stretch from Iceland in the West to the Baltic states, Turkey and Israel in the East. Russian speaking countries are part of IFES Eurasia.

CUI students have numerous opportunities to participate in Europe–wide events
through conferences, training events, summer teams and internships.

InterAction places students around Europe for ministry and mission in partnership with other European IFES movements.

Every few years IFES Europe host a Student Evangelism Conference. The next Student Evangelism Conference will take place in 2019, stay tuned for more details.

In 2016 we sent teams to join with the Movements in Bulgaria where they
participated in an international camp; and Italy, where they joined Irish graduate Aoife Beville and members of GBU Italy in a church–based mission.

Currently we have the following Irish graduates working with our IFES Europe

  • Derek and Jane French in Spain
  • Debra Roehl in Israel
  • Aislinn Duffy in Spain