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Relay is our national discipleship and training year for graduates who love CUs. Find out more about the programme here and see if it’s right for you.

The Relay programme is a unique one–year opportunity for graduates to work alongside a Christian Union whilst learning loads and deepening their faith in Jesus.

What does the Relay year look like?

For one academic year, you’ll work alongside a CU, be supervised by a CUI Staff Worker, attend three specifically designed Relay training conferences (alongside UCCF Relay volunteers), and follow a weekly personal study programme. As part of the CUI team, you’ll also benefit from training and fellowship as you work with CUs in your area.

Relay Internships

Relay Internships help people explore particular gifts and ideas for the future whilst following the Relay study programme and working alongside a CU.

Relay Media: explore graphic design, video production, and web design and development with opportunities to visit and learn from a similar team in Oxford.

Relay Church Partnership: keen to work with your church but don’t want to pass up the unique opportunity of Relay? Chat to us about what a partnership may look like.

Relay Cross–Cultural: focus on learning about other cultures and religions, and how to reach out in those contexts.

Relay Christian Persuaders: Christian Persuaders has been deemed by Tim Keller as meeting ‘the need of the current generation’. We’ll offer plenty of training for those with particular gifts in evangelistic speaking, and give you opportunities to practise.

Relay Arts Elective: focus on what it means to love Jesus in the arts. You’ll have time to work on your own projects and receive criticism from others, as well as ministering to students from art colleges and courses.

Relay Homestart

With Relay Homestart, spend some of your Relay year in cross–cultural and language training, with a view to spending another year or more working within an IFES movement abroad. It is a great way to experience cross–cultural mission and to support the wider IFES community.

Why do Relay?

Relay is about investing in you: during your Relay year, you’ll have a team of people committed to your growth. Your Staff Worker’s primary role is to support you as try new things, encourage you where you’re timid and correct you when you’re wrong. Observing and working with someone more experienced in Christian life and ministry is an invaluable opportunity to grow in a life–on–life way.

Relay is about skills AND character: Relay gives opportunities for learning all kinds of skills, but at its heart there’s a deliberate focus on growth in character and godliness. One of the distinctive features of Relay is the detailed application of grace to every area of life and ministry.

Relay offers a huge range of experiences: there will be opportunities to work alongside CU leaders, train Bible Study leaders, help organise mission weeks, give evangelistic talks, lead discussions with non–Christians, work with international students and much, much more!

Relay offers a unique study programme tailored to you: you’ll spend a day a week focussing on core study modules and your own elective study.

Relay opens lots of doors: Relay will help you to grow in godliness, to become fruitful in your workplace – wherever that might be – and to be an active and equipped member of your local church.

Paying for Relay

To take part in Relay you will need to raise your living and ministry costs. Raising finance can be one of the most rewarding ways to grow, live by faith and learn how to use money wisely. You will need £6–9,000/ €7–10,000 depending on location, plus £700 towards training conferences and materials. CUI will support you as you partner with churches and individuals to raise finances for the year. To date, no–one has had to drop out of Relay through lack of finances.

How do I apply?

Speak to your CU Staff Worker about getting an application pack, or email our office via our contact page.