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CUI stands for Christian Unions Ireland. CUI is the island–wide network of active student–led Christian Unions (CUs), the Director, staff workers and Relay volunteer–workers who serve them, as well as the graduates, churches and others who faithfully pray and contribute financial support.

Formerly known as IFES Ireland, CUI is the local, national branch of the world–wide movement that is IFES (The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students). IFES is a community of national student movements engaging the university with the good news of Jesus. To date, the IFES movement is active in over 150 countries worldwide.

CUI exists to encourage and equip students all over Ireland to be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. We want to see students transformed by the gospel, built into on–campus communities of disciples, impacting the University, church and society for the glory of Christ.

Students are at the heart of CUI. Currently, there are over 30 CUs on campuses island–wide. Each one is student–led. The purpose of the CU is to support students in their faith and to enable students to reach students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

CUI supplies the CUs with staff workers who are committed to serving with this end in mind. Currently, there are eight full–time staff workers  deployed all over Ireland: one in Munster, three in Leinster, one in Connacht and three in Ulster. The staff workers are tasked with the objective of training student–leaders within the CUs, nurturing gospel–centred community and equipping CU members to reach their campuses with the message of the Gospel. There are a number of volunteers who serve as associate CUI staff members , offering the time and service they can to CUs that do not have a full–time staff worker.

Every year, graduates are invited to intern with CUI by undertaking Relay , an intensive ten–month discipleship programme. It is an opportunity to join the staff team and be part of God’s mission and ministry in a CU context.

All over Ireland and beyond, faithful supporters pray for the ongoing work of CUI and support it financially. Many were impacted by the ministry and witness of the CU during their time as students and therefore recognise the strategic importance of the ongoing work of CUI.

David Montgomery  (‘Monty’), is the current Director of CUI. He oversees the staff team and travels widely throughout Ireland, visiting and encouraging individual CUs. He is ably assisted by the admin team who provide the vital organisational backbone of CUI. He works closely with the members of the Board of CUI, men and women committed to the ministry of CUI who volunteer their time and gifts in an advisory capacity.