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At CUI we often partner with a number of other organisations who share our values and ethos. Here are just some of them:

UCCF:The Christian Unions

UCCF  is our parallel movement in Great Britain and probably our closest relationship. CUI students have attended UCCF Forum, and CUI Staff have attended UCCF training conferences. For many years we have participated in the UCCF Relay program  

Friends International (FI)

FI work in the UK to resource churches and students to reach out to International Students. Currently we are partnering with FI through the project International Student Ministry Ireland where a Team Leader and volunteers will be delivering events and training island–wide for students involved in ministry to internationals on campus.


Festive work in Further Education Colleges in Great Britain and we encourage Irish FE students to make use of their resources and expertise. Festive staff have been willing to visit Ireland to advise on work in FE Colleges and to support new CUs


Every June we partner with Serge for a four week discipleship and missions program, Encounter . This gives our students the chance to learn and serve alongside students from the US.


We have partnered with Exodus in sending student groups overseas to work with other student groups, most recently in Bulgaria.