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Prayer News April 2018

Jordyn FitzGibbon, 02/04/18

Join us in praying and praising over these requests this month!

Prayer News April 2018

1st – 7th April 

Praise God for this time of year and please pray that students and staff would be able to take time to reflect on the message of Easter this weekend.

Praise God for the numerous mission and events weeks that were held on campus across Ireland over the past few months and please pray for the CUs as they seek to provide effective follow up to those students who showed an interest in Christianity.

8th–14th April

Please pray for the New Leaders training event that will be happening this Thursday in Dublin, as the old CU committees hand over their roles to the new ones.

Please pray that many students would have the opportunity to share the gospel with their friends and family over their Easter holidays.  

Praise God for Os Guinness, world renowned author and scholar, who will be visiting Ireland this week. Please pray as he speaks at many events across the island, that they will be well attended and many will be challenged to consider the claims of Christ.

15th–21st April

Please pray for those who attended the Global Impact Conference over this weekend to receive training. Pray that they would be able to use all that they have learnt as they faithfully volunteer at the i–café.  

Please pray for DCU CU as they host an event this Tuesday evening on their St. Patrick’s Education campus. Pray that it would strengthen the CU community and help make them known around all of DCU.

Please pray for UUJ CU as they hold a ‘Big Question Night’ this Thursday. Pray for many CU students to bring interested friends along and for many students to become more curious about who Jesus is.

22nd–28th April

Please pray for our Director, Monty, as he meets with other directors from around Europe this week. Pray for an encouraging and refreshing time with colleagues, many of whom serve in difficult situations.

Please continue to pray for those who are considering volunteering with us through the Relay programme and pray for those who have already been accepted as they prepare for their year of mission.

29th April–5th May

Please pray for the graduate day being held this week for Connacht and Munster CUs, which will give students time to consider how they can live for God’s glory after college.

Please pray for students who are planning summer internships or mission teams. Pray that they would make the most out of these opportunities.