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Dublin International Outreach 2018

Neus Kell, 11/04/18

Come be involved in two weeks of outreach to international students in Dublin city centre and make the most of this opportunity to be part of a diverse team receiving Bible teaching and cross–cultural ministry training while serving the local church.

Dublin International Outreach 2018

Have you ever thought about going abroad to serve in missions but unsure because maybe you don’t speak the language? Or you don’t do well in the heat? Maybe you’ve never shared the gospel with someone from a different cultural background?

Every year thousands of international students come to Dublin to learn English. They look forward to meeting Irish people and sharing experiences with them. This can be hard as they only meet people from their own country in class or even just other international students. They can often feel a bit lost being so far from home too.

We have a wonderful opportunity to reach out and welcome them; doing DIO gives you a chance to experience world mission right from the city centre of Dublin!

If you would like to experience other cultures and learn what cross–cultural mission looks like, come join us. As part of a team of 15–20 people, you’ll receive training in various areas: “Crossing cultures”, “Sharing the gospel message”, “Leading an evangelistic Bible study” as well as other topics. You’ll receive morning Bible teaching and host an evening café to welcome students, speak English with them, have fun with themed evenings, engage in Bible discussions. You’ll take turns in being involved in different parts of café evenings and take on preparation roles too: drama, welcoming, Bible study, MC, and more.

Most of all, you’ll have opportunities to share Christ and the Bible with international students who may never even have engaged with Christianity. Come join us for two and half weeks in August to learn and to share without even having to learn another language!

“DIO was an amazing experience – it was such a great opportunity to share Jesus with all kinds of people from all over the world, and have a wonderful time doing so!” – Sarah, student at Trinity.


Who it’s for: Christians aged 18–35 interested in engaging with people from different cultures.
When: 10th – 26th August 2018
Cost: €100 (inc. food & accommodation)
Closing date for applications: 2nd June 2018
Contact for more info and an application pack: 

DIO Flyer

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