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Prayer News June 2018

Jordyn FitzGibbon, 01/06/18

Join us in praying and praising over these requests this month!

Prayer News June 2018

 27th May–2nd June

Please pray for the CUI team as they meet together this week in Greystones for the last time before the summer.

Praise God for our Student Council members and please pray for them as they meet this Saturday to discuss the work of CUI and to handover their roles to the new council.

Please pray for Peter Kenny as he prepares to gives three talks at Encounter this year. Pray for focused preparation and that what he says would be beneficial for those listening.

3rd–9th June

Please pray for the Relay workers as they spend two days together this week, praying for each other and reflecting on all that God has been teaching them throughout the year.

Please pray for Encounter as it begins this Saturday in Greystones and pray for the CUI and Serge staff team as they commit to this time of discipleship, mentoring, and mission.

10th–16th June

Please pray for the Relay workers as they attend their final conference this week.

Please pray for the International outreaches that will be happening over the summer and pray that many internationals would hear the message of Jesus.

17th–23rd June

Please pray for students who will be graduating this summer and moving on to their next stage of life. Pray for those beginning work, those looking for work and for those still determining what they will pursue.

Please pray for the new CU committees as they plan the next academic year at summer planning sessions over the summer.

24th–30th June

Please continue to pray for the Encounter programme as the students begin two weeks of outreach across Ireland.

Praise God for our Relay workers and for the many ways that they have served the CUs during the year.  Please pray for them as they move onto the next stage of their lives, that He would continue to guide their steps.