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Prayer News July 2018

Jordyn FitzGibbon, 01/07/18

Join us in praying and praising over these requests this month!

Prayer News July 2018

 1st–7th July

Praise God for the Irish and American students who participated in the outreach teams across Ireland as part of the Encounter programme. Please pray for them as they return to Greystones to debrief and celebrate all that God has done over the past month.

Praise God for Peter Kenny’s time on staff as Dublin Team Leader. Please pray for him, and his family, as he completes his work with CUI and they move onto their next stage in life.

8th–14th July

Please pray for the new committee at Stran CU as they meet this week to pray and make plans for the year ahead. Pray that God would grant them wisdom and a desire to reach out to many on campus. 

Please pray for our Director and Helen Blakey, as they run a student seminar this Friday at the New Wine conference in Sligo. 

15th–21st July

Please pray for international students who are returning to their home countries this summer after spending their university years in Ireland. Pray that they would be well equipped to handle this transition.

Please pray for Sally and Jo in the Belfast and Dublin offices, as they prepare for the new director and ensure the smooth running of the organisation during this time of change.

22nd–28th July

Praise God for our new Relay workers, Elizabeth Clulow, Alesia Yermack and George Madden and please pray for them as they prepare for their year with CUI.

Please pray for Galway students who will be continuing a small group Bible study over the summer.

29th July–4th August 

Please pray for our Director and Lorna Moore, as they run a seminar at New Horizon this week and promote CUI at a stall.

Please pray for committees as they meet together over the summer and plan for the year ahead. Pray that they would have good relationships and unity with one another and that they would hold tight to their vision of sharing the Gospel on campus.