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Prayer News August 2018

Jordyn FitzGibbon, 01/08/18

Join us in praying and praising over these requests this month!

Prayer News August 2018

29th July–4th August 

Please pray for our Director and Lorna Moore, as they run a seminar at New Horizon this week and promote CUI at a stall.

Please pray for committees as they meet together over the summer and plan for the year ahead. Pray that they would have good relationships and unity with one another and that they would hold tight to their vision of sharing the Gospel on campus.

5th–11th August

Please pray for students attending Formacion with IFES Europe this week in Poland, as they explore leadership in relation to God’s Kingdom and are trained further to be effective student leaders.

Please pray for our recent graduates as they settle into new jobs or as they continue to look for work, that they would know God’s peace and provision in the midst of their current circumstances.

12th–18th August

Please pray for the Dublin International Outreach happening over the next two weeks. Please pray for an outpouring of the Gospel in the lives of the team as they come together to serve international students in Dublin and pray that many would hear the message of Jesus.

Please pray for the CUI staff team over the summer, that they would all be able to take the rest and respite that they need in order to be revived and ready for the year ahead. 

19th–25th August

Please pray for our incoming Relay workers as they attend their first conference in the UK and begin their year with CUI.

Please pray for Leaving Certificate students as they receive the first round of CAO offers this Wednesday morning. Pray that they would trust God’s careful leading in their plans, as they make decisions about what university or college to attend.

Praise God for new church partners in Connacht and for their prayer and financial support towards the work of CUI.

26th August–1st September

Please pray for the CUI team as they meet at the end of this week in Co. Down. Pray that the team will be energised and inspired at the start of a new term.

Please pray for the two preterm events that will be happening this week in Northern Ireland for freshers. Pray that the students will be eager and enthusiastic to begin their university experience by joining together for teaching from God’s Word and fellowship with other Christian students.