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Prayer News September 2018

Jordyn FitzGibbon, 01/09/18

Join us in praying and praising over these requests this month!

Prayer News September 2018

2nd–8th September

Please pray for first year students who already follow God, as they enter this new chapter of their lives. Pray that they would determine to walk closely with God in these days and to connect well with the CU alongside a local church.

Please pray for TCD CU as they run events and chat with their friends about the Christian Union during freshers’ week.

Please pray for the CU Presidents and Vice Presidents as they gather together in Dublin this month (date TBC) to brainstorm about the year ahead. 

9th–15th September

Praise God for our new Director and Dublin Team Leader and please pray for them as they settle into their new roles and for the rest of the staff team in this time of transition in the life of CUI. 

Please pray for UCD CU as they run events and promote the Christian Union during freshers’ week.

Praise God for our dedicated board members and pray that God would grant them discernment and wisdom as they meet together this Saturday to make decisions for the year ahead. 

16th–22nd September 

Please pray that the new committees would work well together as the academic year begins, finding all their resources in God and sharing the good news of Jesus on campus.

Please pray for new students that are away from home for the first time. Pray that they would settle into their universities well and come to faith early on in their time there.

23rd–30th September

Please pray for the smaller CUs as they prepare for the year ahead. Pray that they would continue to rely on God and that there would be a few new committed students who come in September.  

Please pray for UCD  CU as they have their weekend away in Ovoca Manor. Pray for good connections with new members whether freshers or international students or people trying out CU for the first time.