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Joint CU Preterm

Jordyn FitzGibbon, 05/06/18

Pre–term is an event Northern Christian Unions hold annually in partnership with Christian Unions Ireland. It is a few days away at Castlewellan and a great way to meet new people before starting university. We open the Bible together, explore what the Christian Union does, and look at what it is like to be a Christian student at university.

Joint CU Preterm

Is it for me?

If you are starting your first year of a course at Ulster University Coleraine, Jordanstown, Belfast, Magee, Stranmillis Teaching College or Belfast Met (over 18s only) then Joint CU Preterm is definitely for you!

When is it?

This year Joint CU Pre–term is running from Wednesday 29th August – Friday 31st August. You should aim to arrive Wednesday evening and it then runs right through to Friday afternoon (time will be confirmed closer to the time)

How much does it cost?

If you can make it for the whole time (which we hope you can!) the price is £66. If there are any issues about how many days you can stay please email us.

Can I apply before getting my A level results?

Yes! Please do! If you know you want to come to a Northern campus you can sign up before results in August. We would just ask that you would contact us afterwards to confirm your place.

To register, visit here. 

If you have any questions, email Lorna Moore on .