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Prayer News March 2019


Join us in praying and praising over these requests this month!

Prayer News March 2019

26th February– 4th March 

Please pray for Jo Chipperfield, in the Dublin office, as she finishes up her work with CUI at the end of this week. Pray for guidance and God’s leading as she moves onto her next stage in life.

Please pray for committees and CUs as they begin the process for electing new committees.

5th–11th March 

Please pray for the CUI team as they meet together at the start of this week for fellowship and training in Greystones.

Please pray for students who are witnessing and reading the Bible with their friends.

12th–18th March

Praise God for all of the mission weeks that happened across Ireland on campus and please pray that the CUs would provide effective follow up for all who came along to the events.

Please pray for Sally Patty, in the Belfast office, as she ensures the smooth running of CUI. 

19th–25th March

Praise God for the outgoing committees and pray for them as they begin to finish up and handover to the incoming committee. 

Please pray for all of the CUs as they begin to make plans for summer mission teams and camps.

26th–31st March

Please pray as Christian students start to think about where they will live next year. Pray they would make intentional choices that would really benefit campus ministry.

Please pray for CU members who are in the midst of many assignments and coursework. Pray that they would be able to balance CU life and their studies well and would know God’s peace in these busy times.