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DOWNLOAD: CU Equip publicity pack

Equip Admin, 20/02/19

The more people from your CU that go to EQUIP, the more people you’ll have excited, envisioned and on board with your CU vision for the year from day 1 of term. But how do you get them there?

DOWNLOAD: CU Equip publicity pack

Our website has lots of resources to help you find out about Equip.

  • What it is
  • Where/when it is
  • Why Equip is unmissable
  • Essential Info
  • How to book

We’ve prepared a CU publicity pack so that you can have all the resources in one place for your CU.  In it you’ll find:

  • A short promo video that can be shown in your CU or on Facebook.
  • an Instagram–friendly version of that short video for your Insta stories
  • Brand logos
  • A flyer which will be available to every CU in quantity in the last week of January – but use the images before then!
  • Other images from Equip 2019 that might be helpful if you want your CU to get a flavour of things
  • Fundraising info (including sample letters to your church leader and Student Union)
  • A document to explain a few ways to go about best using these files


DOWNLOAD whatever publicity files you need by clicking HERE (see the START HERE PDF first)