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May/June Prayer diary


Please continue to pray for the lives and work of students over the summer months.



6– 12:

  • Please pray for students in their end of year exams and assignments, that they would not become overstressed or burnt out. 
  • Please pray for international students returning to their home countries after their time in Ireland. Pray that they would be able to settle back in well and share all that they have learnt about God.

13 – 19:

  • Please pray for the Relay team as they meet together this Monday to study the importance of Christian community.
  • Praise God for our dedicated Board members and please pray for them as they meet this Saturday to discuss business and make important decisions for CUI.

20– 26:

  • Praise God for several new Christians in Dochas (Galway), who have come to faith through other students over the past year.
  • Please pray for the CUI team as they meet together this week for the last time before the summer.

27 – 2 June:

  • Please pray for the team of students going to partner with the Italian GBU in Cosenza running English classes and evangelistic events this week. Pray for boldness for the students and many opportunities for them to share the gospel.
  • Praise God for our Student Council members and please pray for them as they meet this Saturday to discuss the work of CUI and to handover their roles to the new council members.


3– 9:

  • Please pray for the Relay team this week as they attend the Relay Transition conference and gather to finish their time together and receive teaching on 1 Peter.
  • Please pray for students who have found faith this semester as they head back to unknown settings and try and settle into churches back home over the summer.  Please pray for them as they try to connect to new communities of very diverse people.
  • Please pray for on–going partnerships with churches and individuals and praise God for all those who support the work of CUI both in prayer and financially.

10 – 16:

  • Please pray for the international outreaches that will be happening over the summer and pray that many internationals would hear the message of Jesus.
  • Please pray for students who have been connected with a Christian professor across the world and will be on summer academic placements. Pray that God would raise up the next generation of Christian academics and researchers.

17 – 23:

  • Please pray for students who will be graduating this summer and moving on to their next stage of life. Pray for those beginning work, those looking for work and for those still determining what they will pursue.
  • Please pray that many students would sign up to attend Equip, as the deadline to register and book for the festival is at the end of this month.

24 – 30:

  • Please pray for the new CU committees as they plan the next academic year at planning sessions over the summer.
  • Praise God for our Relay Workers and for the many ways that they have served the CUs during the year.  Please pray for them as they move onto the next stage of their lives, that he would continue to guide their steps.