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Peter: a mandate for mission at Queen’s


Fuelled and fired for a year of CU mission: a mandate for mission at Queen’s University Belfast from CU President Peter Reid.

Peter: a mandate for mission at Queen’s

“I’ve been really challenged by other CUs at Equip this week. 

We have a massive CU, but it breeds complacency sometimes. We’ve got so many people that some say, “someone else can do that”. You can’t say that in a CU of five people. I want to go back and push the notion of how important mission is. I want to get freshers who are coming in to CU, and people who have been there before, to see that it is important, and that it’s for all of us, not just the minute few who organise the events.

We need to encourage freshers to go out and make non–Christian friends; to get out of their comfort zone. It’s so easy as a fresher at Queen’s to go to your classes, spot someone you know from a summer camp or team, cling to them for the next three years, and not make any non–Christian friends. I’m sure we are all guilty of this in Queen’s. We can put on an event, and some of us don’t have anyone to invite. We’re in the same Christian bubble we’ve been in since school. Not that Christians friends aren’t good! Don’t neglect your Christian friends. But go make non–Christian friends. 

That is what I’ll say to the whole CU.”

Peter Reid, CU President
Queen’s University Belfast