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Cross Currents

David Montgomery, 21/09/16

We are delighted to be participating in Cross–Current, a course run by IFES Europe & Eurasia, It is a conference and mentor–based program aimed at helping graduates develop a biblical and theological understanding of work, discover their vocation and relate their faith to their professional context.

Cross Currents

Each cohort is carefully selected and limited to 12 people. Cross–current cohorts all over Europe have been organised around particular vocations – economics, law, education etc. However, Cross–Current also offers inter–disciplinary City Groups which enable a variety of young professionals from different vocations to participate together. Belfast has been chosen as one of these pioneer City Groups.

The program is co–ordinated by Tim Vickers an experienced member of the IFES team and organiser of their landmark summer conference Bible & Culture. The program is aimed to last over 3 years and consist of:

– Two Weekends per year: October 14–16 2016 and one in April/May(date tbc)– up to 6 self–moderated mentoring sessions with an older Christian fromwithin your field of work/vocation

Cost is £100 per year (including 2 residential weekends).

Email if you want to know more

For further information about Cross–current see 

and specifically the page on City groups– one of which is Belfast/Northern Ireland