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Reaching out whilst staying in


Peter Hutchinson, a student from QUBCU, tells us how he’s continuing to reach fellow students during lockdown.

Reaching out whilst staying in

In the midst of a difficult season of lockdown, students across the region have been thinking of creative ways to reach out to others whilst staying at home. 

Recently QUBCU held an online event encouraging students to think outside the box when it comes to outreach. 

According to student and CU member Peter Hutchinson, the event was a hit. 

He says, “We wanted to have something where we could invite non–Christians to see and explore what real and eternal hope we can have during this global pandemic, not just superficial temporary pleasures that take our minds off it, but a sure and steadfast hope found in Jesus that isn’t dependent on circumstances around us.”

Gareth Black, a Christian apologist studying a DPhil in Theology at Oxford University, was invited for a Q and A session to discuss some of life’s big questions during this trying time. 

Peter adds, “The Q and A was called ‘Hope in the Face of the Coronavirus’. We encouraged the CU as a whole to share the event on social media and provided the opportunity for people to ask Gareth questions about God and the coronavirus live on Facebook.”

Questions surrounding God’s allowance of suffering and the reliability of the Bible came up during the session.  Peter says, “Gareth’s answers were clear, concise and filled with Gospel truth. We have heard so many positive stories about the event with people’s friends who had never been to CU before.”

The event sparked interest in several of Peter’s friends who came along. He was then able to invite them to a book club with other CU members studying Rebecca McLaughlin’s ‘Confronting Christianity’, to dig deeper into the topics discussed during the event.

Peter said: “Reading ‘Confronting Christianity’ has really encouraged me. I feel like this book covers questions that are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society, particularly with students.”

Although this time of lockdown has disturbed University life, Peter considers the fruit that can be gained during this season where a lot of people have more time to reflect on the claims of Jesus.

“God has really convicted me during the lockdown. As Christians, I’ve learned we should never shy away from questions and objections that people have. Our faith is grounded in the objective truth of his word and in the resurrection of Jesus.

“Even when the world feels like its collapsing around us in panic, the Gospel is still true, and remains the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. 

“Our prayer as a CU, is that God would use this event and this coronavirus to make people realise that there is far more to life than what they currently think, and that they would come to the know Jesus and the true saving faith found in him.”