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Reaching the least reached


Students across Ireland have been taking part in the ‘Faith and Friendship’ online series, to learn how to reach the least reached with the gospel.

Reaching the least reached

The ‘Faith and Friendship’ series, ran by the International Student Ministry team, trains students to reach out to some of the most unreached people groups in the world with the gospel, right on their university campuses.  

The first session welcomed 24 students from around the island to learn how to build friendships with Muslim students. 

Rachel Chard from Friends International lead the training session, providing opportunity for students to discuss what they had heard and pray with one another in groups.

For some students, it was the first time they had ever thought about how to reach someone with a Muslim faith. 

A student from Dublin said, “I found it really helpful. The workshop helped us to see the diversity amongst our Muslim friends and also see their humanity, instead of viewing them through newspaper headlines or stereotypes.” 

Muslim students across the world have been celebrating Eid and the end of Ramadan – the holy month of prayer, fasting and feasting. As a result of lockdown, many of the Irish Muslim population were confined to their homes.

Although the event is usually a community ritual, many marked the occasion alone or just with their households under government restrictions. The lockdown impacted attendance at mosques, Islamic cultural centres and iftar celebrations.

However, it wasn’t just Muslims who were praying during this time. Christian students, staff and supporters across the island have been going through a Christian prayer guide for Muslims during Ramadan on Zoom, praying that the least reached communities in the world would gain access to the gospel.

During the academic year, Trinity College Dublin CU adopted an Unengaged People Group in a bid to enjoy being part of reflecting God’s heartbeat for the least reached.

Students are still reaching Muslims today under the current restrictions, carrying the Christian legacy from those who started student–led mission on their campuses. The passion and zeal that these student pioneers had for the gospel stirred them to sell their possessions and send CU friends to start more student–led missions in countries all over the world. 

Over a dozen recent graduates from local CUs in Ireland are considering going overseas with this aim in mind.

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