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Welcome to CUI

David Montgomery, 21/09/16

Welcome to CUI

What’s new?

OUR NAME. In 1997 when we became a movement independent of UCCF in GB, we chose the name IFES Ireland to demonstrate our connection with the worldwide student family. We are grateful for how God has strengthened us over the past two decades as we have watched the number of institutions and students involved in CUs increase.

However, as our context has become almost entirely secularised, we can no longer assume that students or those in the churches understand who we are or what we do. We have decided as a Board and Staff, therefore, to simplify our name to better reflect our identity and purpose. After a year’s consultation we have settled on the name Christian Unions Ireland – part of IFES. We believe that this will make our purpose clearer to students, universities, trusts, supporters and church leaders.

What else is different?

OUR COMMUNICATIONS. Over the next few months you will notice a difference in our printed and digital communications, reflecting this change. Most importantly, this new website will act as the main source of communication between us, students and supporters as well as being a repository of resources for undergraduates, postgraduates, staff and churches.

Anything else?

NOTHING. Our doctrinal position; our vision, mission and values; our passion to reach students for Christ; our commitment to serving the wider church; our membership of, and participation in the worldwide fellowship that is IFES, all remain undiminished.

David Montgomery