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Prayer Diary, July 2020


How to pray for students and CUI this month:

Prayer Diary, July 2020

1st – 5th July

- Pray for the international students who are stranded in Ireland, that they would know God's comfort and they would be able to return home soon.
- The Dublin International Outreach team is running an online mini series on Faith & Friendship. Pray for the final seminar which is designed to help students reach students from East Asia. Please pray God would use this to give the students love for the international students they will encounter this year.

6th – 12th July

- Pray for three students in Kilkenny running a book club on “Confronting Christianity”, seeking to engage with non-Christian friends and international students.
- Pray for many of the UUJ students that watched their ‘Big Questions Series’ and engaged with them. Pray that they would see the truth in the gospel and would come to know Jesus.

13th – 19th July

- Pray for many of the UUB students that engaged with their evangelistic photography competition. As they engaged with the theme of ‘epilogue’ and heard the gospel through this theme.
- Pray for many of the new leaders across NI that are engaging with the ‘Enjoying God’ study programme, that they would see how to glorify and enjoy God in the everyday.

20th – 26th July

- CUI are partnering with OMF to help students connect with unreached south-east Asian students in one of our island's main cities. Please pray as this initiative develops, that God would touch the hearts of some of the most unreached peoples in the world.
- Pray for sufficient rest for the staff team after an extended and strange semester, and rest for committees too as they take a break from CU activities.

27th July – 2nd August

- For college authorities as they plan the year ahead, that clubs and societies including the CUs would be allowed to meet and hold activities next semester.