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Understanding cross–cultural evangelism

Phoebe McFerran, 30/07/20

Been reading any good books lately? Phoebe has. The International Secretary For Queens University Belfast CU tells CUI how her book club during lockdown has helped her grow in her understanding of cross–cultural evangelism.

Understanding cross–cultural evangelism

“I’ve been reading ‘Crossing Cultures with Jesus’ by Katie J. Rawson over lockdown with three other international secretaries in Belfast with CUI staff worker Kim Becker. It’s been an incredible time to learn and prepare for our roles!

“I’m so thankful we got time to read through this book before university starts again, because I know we wouldn’t have had nearly as much time with the normal routine of student life.

“Reading the book only once clearly wasn’t enough for me this summer, so I’m giving it a second read with a group of girls through an informal ‘international student ministries team’. It’s made up of students from Queens who are taking on various leadership roles next year in international student ministries.

“We’re only halfway through the book at present, but it’s been so interesting to hear people’s personal thoughts and stories on the challenges Katie presents in her chapters.

“One of the girls in the group is from Malaysia. She’s been opening our eyes to a whole new cultural perspective! My hope is that she will better understand how and why Westerners sometimes view things differently. There’s so much we can learn from one another.

“Before reading this book I naturally assumed that everyone was like me in the way they think, act, and reason, even in the way they view the gospel. However this book has shown me that culture plays a massive part in all of these things; meaning that there can be natural barriers to sharing the gospel and doing life with people in ways that we have grown accustomed to.

“The book beautifully explains how being aware of these barriers can allow us to share the Good News with sensitivity and grace.

“Personally, I’ve been richly built up and encouraged by the honesty and vulnerability of the girls in the group. I continue to pray and trust that this will be a good foundation for our international outreach in the year ahead!

“This book is a must-read for anyone even remotely interested in cross cultural evangelism/friendship (which I would argue should be any follower of Jesus!)”