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Prayer Diary, August 2020


How to pray for students and CUI this month:

Prayer Diary, August 2020

2nd - 9th August

  1. Pray for the students who would have been at Encounter during this time, that they would see God working in their lives and be able to trust him in the time of uncertainty.
  2. Pray for new medical graduates who have just started working in hospitals. Give thanks that those who are Christians are using this as an opportunity to bring God's presence and life to colleagues and patients.
  3. Pray for international students at QUB who have been reading Mark’s gospel with iCafe volunteers during lockdown. Pray their conversations to deepen and for the Spirit to open their eyes and hearts to Jesus.

10th – 16th August

  1. Pray for the Equip planning team as they switch to EQUIP:Online and prepare for that.
  2. Pray for those receiving their adapted A-level and Leaving Certificate results, that they would trust in God for decisions as to what to accept and do the year ahead.

17th – 23rd August

  1. Pray for energy, creativity and wisdom for the CUI team as they work together to produce resources for student leaders following cancelled events. Pray that these resources are not just for this season of restrictions, but serve student mission for years to come.
  2. Pray for the new CUI podcast, that God would use it as a tool to draw students into His word and encourage many in their faith.

24th – 31st August

  1. Pray for students who are involved in political activism over summer. Pray they would be even more delighted by their identity as sons and daughter of God in an increasingly divided world.
  2. 25th to 27th August: EQUIP:Online starts. Please pray as Maurice McCracken helps us understand God's Word each morning and what it is to live as image-bearers in this world, for workshops about studying to God's glory, and that many hundreds of students would be fired and fueled for a year of CU mission