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Be part of EQUIP: volunteers wanted


We’re looking for 25 graduates who can help us practically at EQUIP: Online this year between 25th–27th August. Could you give 2.5 hours of your time?

Be part of EQUIP: volunteers wanted

So you might have graduated or wonder how you can keep supporting the CUs. We’d love to have you helping to make EQUIP: Online possible this year. With the festival going online, we’ll be swapping our stewarding and technical team for an online version instead!

With hundreds of students registering to take part in Equip, there are a few major areas we’ll need help in order for everyone to be able to focus on listening to God and connecting with others. We hope our staff will be free-d to do what they’re best at too (connecting with students, applying God’s word to our campuses and inspiring and equipping student-led mission on campus), and not taken up with technical things that they may not excel in!

Do you have 2.5 hours free during the EQUIP: Online week?

+ EQUIP: Online bouncer and technical assistant (no experience required – training provided)

Each session will require students to sign-up to participate. You will function as the bouncer in the waiting room on Zoom, as well as sorting basic things like screen-sharing, spot-lighting, break-out rooms and keeping time. There is no expertise or experience required to do these things and everything will be explained to you in a training video and any clarifications can be made in person. We will need the equivalent of 26 volunteers for 2.5 hours each. Volunteers must be available 14.30 – 16.30 or 16.00 – 18.00.

+ EQUIP Online technical team (experience on Zoom valuable)

Our main sessions on Zoom look like they’ll have hundreds of people involved in them. This will take considerable sharpness of vision by the technical team to make sure everything runs according to timetable and switches between interviews, videos, music, break-out rooms and other content are smooth. None of this requires vast expertise, but we will require about 6 people who have had zoom experience before, ideally in hosting meetings, to ensure this goes according to plan. Volunteers must be available either between 12.30 – 14.30 or 19.00 – 21.00.

All volunteers will get to access all of our EQUIP material on the website, which will not otherwise be publicly accessible.

Sign-up to help here: