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EQUIP: Online – You’re invited too!


Calling all the CUI family – graduates, supporters, students, staff. Join with hundreds of students to launch us into another academic year. There’s very few times we ever get to display our unity across the whole island, across all generations of CU witness and across church denominations. But now can be one of those!

EQUIP: Online – You’re invited too!
Were you a graduate who decided to study post-grad at another campus to help pioneer a CU?
Are you someone in a church who never went to college, but faithfully sends students from your church each year to be involved in CUs?
Are you a past CU graduate and want to keep having an impact on campus?
Do you pray for the CUs and want to be encouraged?

Join us on Thursday 27th August at 7pm online

  • Unite together from across the island to launch into another year together.
  • Pray on Zoom in small groups together.
  • Interviews telling of God at work over nearly 100 years of CU witness on our island.
  • Meditate upon God’s faithfulness as Lindsay Brown (IFES World) opens the Bible with us.
  • Commission this year’s CUs as they go into what is probably one of the most bizarre opportunities ahead.
  • Worship together with a taste of music from Irish CU students from all round the world.

To receive the Zoom code, enter your name, email and connection to CUI here: