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Last Minute Guide to EQUIP: Online


So you’re aware EQUIP has gone online but you’re struggling to remember the details. Or you’ve just been told about EQUIP and have arrived here to see what the craic is. FEAR NOT! Below we’ve all you need to know.

Last Minute Guide to EQUIP: Online

What is it?

Are you a follower of Jesus or are exploring how following Jesus in college impacts life? Here's 3 unmissable days to fire and fuel you for the mad year ahead - in your course, in your friendships, in your societies/clubs and beyond!

EQUIP: Online is all set specifically made for any student (Fresher, final year, or anywhere inbetween) on the island about to enter the bizarre year ahead part online, part in person. It's been designed by current students and CUI staff, run past the experts in online interaction, and brought to you by the best facilitators on the island that we could find, who know your campus context well.

What is happening?

You can browse the EQUIP website and the promos for the workshops as a Guest, before you register or login. Other details are found here:

main tent

What's this iHUMAN stuff?

"iHUMAN:image-bearers" is the theme of our festival this year. We'll be looking at what it is like to live in this weird fusion of online-offline campus environment, and to equip all of us who bear the image of God, to live in that reality as we study, socialise, work and connect with others "on campus" this year. We want to be shaped more by who God is, and His image, than anything our circumstances may throw our direction. As we find ourselves, in who we were made to be, we'll find freedom.

In our 3 main sessions at 1pm each day, we'll have interactive discussion, Bible teaching, student stories, ideas, resources, worship and lots of craic! Out of everything, these are not to be missed! Join forces and watch them in CU smallgroups, or join with hundreds from across the island.

And the 3 evenings?

ESCAPE ROOM (Signup form sent by email) -
After months of non-stop Zoom calls, some would say the online meeting platform has become our sanity's greatest nemesis. Join forces with old and new friends, and see if you can beat the zoom escape challenge. The prize? Glory (and maybe more). The risk? Being stuck in a Zoom call, forever...

JUST DANCE (no sign-up required) -
The island's dancefloors may still largely be closed but that never stopped those who wanted to throw a few moves. Whether you're a seasoned dancer who can't wait to jive, a Northern social fan who can't wait for a line-dance, or a novice who is the most unco-ordinated person on earth and hates dancing, THIS will be for you. Join Tiwani (Carlow) and Daniel (UCD) as they host us alongside some poor professional dance instructor who is used to having great craic online!

Ready for the year ahead? You will be by Thursday night. Join past generations of students, current students from every campus in the country, and some guests as we pray for each other, hear more stories of God at work, and get to glimpse what CU life was like 40 years ago from our Guest Speaker Lindsay Brown, who'll open God's Word to us and also tell us about acting like a sheep in UCC old bar in order to share about Jesus, and many other hilarious tales! We'll be commissioned for the year ahead, in all the unknowns of what lies before us. Why not invite your family, church and graduated friends to join us that evening? They can sign up free here.


What else is happening apart from the events listed above?

  1. iHUMAN art competition and exhibition
    Click the words/link above to find out all the info. There's prizes to be won and we'll have an online exhibition space for all our entrants.
  2. Prayer wall and Prayer Room
    Will be open from Midday to late - accessed through the Festival Website. You can go to pray in groups (we can put you into a break-out room), or just come there to find some space to pray through the campus prayer points for that hour. You can also come hear after workshops to chat and process things together.
  3. CU get-togethers
    Many CUs are organising their own get-togethers online or in person to pray, plan or have the craic.
  4. Fresher Connect - SIGNUP HERE
    You may not be certain where you're going (for some of you), but we're running 4 sessions to help you prepare regardless. Connect with others in a similar position, and be ready for whatever awaits! Click the words "Signup HERE" above to register.

Is there anything physical happening, local to me?

Government regulations allow small meet-ups locally, depending on where you are in the country, so many different groups will meet near their campus or locality during EQUIP: Online to help discuss the sessions, pray together and have some craic. Please contact your local CU or staffworker to see what gatherings are happening near you.

How much is it?

It's FREE! Nada. Zip. Zero. Nothing at all.

Where can I book?

What happens after that?

You'll be sent all the details you need to know by email. But in brief, you'll need to go onto the festival website and choose what workshops you go to by browsing using (2). To book your place in the workshops (some are limited number), sign up early (1)! The workshops mostly have short videos to watch beforehand, so that they can be more interactive and discussion based when you get there!


I still have questions!

Well don't be afraid to ask us anything by emailing

See you at EQUIP!