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Why not stop?

Chris Mcburney, 27/08/20

How can student ministry continue under Covid–19 conditions? CUI staff worker and Northern team leader Chris McBurney shares some thoughts.

Why not stop?

Finally! We get this chance to stop. The enforced break from the mill of life. Schools, universities and offices close. Allowing us a chance to stop. It’s been a welcome pause from the hurry of life for many of us.

Yet, this has been a season where people are crying out for something more and its been a joy to encourage and equip students to reach out the need around them. The Lord has been very gracious to us and we look forward to the term starting again in September.

Bible Studies

Its been a season were I’ve noticed a real desire from leaders to dig into God’s word and apply it to their hearts. We’ve been running 121 bible studies and committee studies that have been pointing us back to Christ.

Online Courses

This season has opened up the opportunity to go deeper. We’ve been surprised at the hunger of CU students to sign up to courses such as Tim Chesters’ Enjoying God that we’ve studied together. It really challenges how we view God as Father, Son and Spirit and our communion with Him.

Book + Film Groups

We’ve been running various book groups across the Island. They range from Confronting Christianity and helping our CU leaders read it with their friends to challenging personal devotional life with books on Prayer.

The film club revolves around students watching a film and then joining us on a zoom call to discuss it and how it opens up with the worldview of our non Christian friends.

Evangelistic Events

We hosted a number of apologetic talks with speakers such as Gareth Black and Michael Ots and seeing them broadcasted on facebook and taking a live Q&A.


This season has also reminded us of the importance of prayer and the role it has in our mission. As a movement we’ve tried to build this into every fibre of our work this season but also as move through and out of lockdown completely.