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What does it mean to be human?


How does following Jesus and bearing His image as individuals and communities look to the world watching on? This year at EQUIP:ONLINE we asked students to get creative around the idea of what it means to be human.

What does it mean to be human?

For Caitlin Mccracken, a textile art design and fashion student at Ulster University in Belfast, being a human made in the image of God means using our hands practically to praise Him.

She says: “If you asked me a few months ago, my idea of “bearing the image of God” would have been a complete different story of what it is now.

“In my CU, I really enjoyed taking part in praise. But now, we can’t even sing as a congregation in church. However, that doesn’t mean that my purpose is gone.

“God has given me the power to create and sell these face coverings to help people take the necessary actions to protect others. Not only that, creating reusable face coverings gives me another way in which I can protect God’s creation from the harmful disposable items.”

Masks made by Caitlin

Jeff Stanford, a Counselling & Psychotherapy student at ICHAS (Irish college of humanities and applied sciences) in Limerick, has been getting creative with pen to paper.

Ihuman Poem by Jeff

For Lee Junk, a Graphic Design and Illustration student at Ulster University Belfast, creating art is a way he can worship God.

Lee art

Chloe Young is studying Music at Ulster University Belfast. She’s been using her gifts in music to draw close to God and understanding what it means to be human.

Check it out here!

Finally, Catherine Fortune, a student at Maynooth University studying Primary School Teaching, has been enjoying God through photography and spending time in creation.

Catherine creation

She requotes Jen Wilkin from Desiring God, who suggests: “Research shows that when humans experience awe we become less individualistic. less self focused, less materialistic, and more connected to those around us. Marveling at something greater than ourselves, we become more able to reach out to others.

“Awe helps us worry less about self–worth by turning our eyes first towards God, then towards others. It also helps establish our self–worth in the best possible way: we understand both our insignificance within creation and our significance to our creator.”