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Prayer Diary, October 2020


Here’s how you can be praying for CUI during the month of October.

Prayer Diary, October 2020

28/09/20 – 04/10/20

– Pray for LIT Christian Union as they welcome first year students at the start of October. They will be attempting to hold a socially distanced barbecue, as they put on events for their first freshers’ week as a CU.

– Praise God for around 70 freshers gathered in ‘bubbles’ across Belfast and on zoom to meet one another and hear talks based on the Heart of Christ through QUBCU.

– Pray for the first session in Friendship & Faith Series: Fri 2nd Oct ‘Every Tribe, Tongue and Nation’

– Exploring the impact of culture on our friendships and faith with Paul Coulter.

05/10/20 – 11/10/20

– Pray for CIT Christian Union’s plan to hold three online evangelistic events over the term – the first one on the theme of hope in uncertainty.

– Pray for the appointment for a Dublin ISM Staff Worker. Please pray for God’s provision as we seek to recruit a new student ministry worker to serve in Dublin in Oct/Nov.

– Pray for international students – that the CUs would be proactive in reaching out to them, and seeking innovative ways to connect.

12/10/20 – 18/10/20

– Pray that QUBCU’s weekend away with Michael Ots (Mission Week speaker) will provide
encouragement and challenge to the CUs mission

– Pray for Stranmillis’ CU online Fresher’s week from 14 th –18 th . Pray that the freshers
students would be able to engage well with CU at home groups and small group.

– International student “Just Say Hello” event on 18 th . Pray that CUs and churches across
Ireland recognise the simple act of saying ‘hello’ can make a huge difference in the life of
an international student. Pray for the International Student Ministry (ISM) Project Team
as they arrange this.

19/10/20 – 25/10/20

– Pray for Coleraine CU as they look to see the year revolve around small groups. Pray
that they’ll be able to raise up leaders with the help of staff worker Andy Coleman.

– Give thanks for those from Dochas (NUIG) who attended Equip and their desire to be
more bold and creative in evangelism. Pray for Emma, a CU student who is taking on
leading CMF.

– Pray that the freshers at UUJ CU, that they would engage well with their freshers events
despite having late publicity due to practicalities with organising events in this season.
They are running two weeks of online missions on Tuesdays and Thursdays (14 th– 25 th).