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Climbing peaks to raise support


Thomas Adamson, former president at QUBCU, has been reaching new heights to raise support for CUI.

Climbing peaks to raise support

Together with friends, Thomas climbed every mountain in the Mourne mountain range over 500m in one day, raising over £1000 for CUI.

We caught up with Thomas to find out why he’s decided to take on this challenge.

He says: “CUIs such a great ministry, ensuring that the gospel light is kept burning brightly in the ‘marketplace of ideas’. It’s such a strategic ministry in how it supports the sharing of the gospel on university and college campuses. This is so crucial in reaching students with the good news about what Jesus has done at a time when they are learning, questioning and exploring so much about the world around them. It’s also a ministry that invests so well in the future by developing the Christian leaders of tomorrow.

As Thomas asked friends and family to support him on this adventure, he shares how CUI supported him as a student and CU committee member.

“CUI greatly supported me when I was a fresh–faced structural engineering student and I somehow had to work out ways to lead in a totally new context, all with limited previous experience. I was given excellent support from my staff worker who helped me navigate the new world of doing ministry as part of a team on campus. CUI provided training for the task in hand and helped us connect with other CUs across the island. It was this on the ground training that has helped me develop skills which I have been able to apply in my local church since graduating from university. It has also increased my confidence in sharing my faith with others having had the opportunity to ‘cut my teeth’ by getting stuck into various forms of evangelism whilst at university.

“I hope and pray that God would strengthen CUs in Ireland, through the vision and support of CUI. I pray that the CUs would be groups of faithful followers of Jesus that are passionate about telling others about him. I hope and pray that these CU groups will be bold, creative and communicate the gospel effectively with students that are searching for the true meaning of life.  I pray that Christians will learn a lot during their time in the CU and be equipped for a lifetime of service. I pray that these students will be a blessing to their future workplaces, their families and the Church.”

If you would like to support Thomas, or find out more, click on the giving link here.

Watch Thomas’ video appeal here.