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Made for Mission Week

Abbie Malstead, 12/11/20

How can we live out the call of God on our lives daily? Abbie Malstead, a CUI Relay worker in Northern Ireland, shares some thoughts on what students were learning during the Made for Mission week.

Made for Mission Week

Made for Mission, was a week during which many missional organisations came together as a cohesive unit seeking to impart one message: mission is what we are called to do in every area of our lives.

From the 26th to the 30th of October, the universities across Northern Ireland came together to host a series of seminars and evening events aimed at helping students to understand and engage with God’s heart for worldwide mission.

Ben Cavan, a student from Queens University Belfast who attended the events said, “Made for Mission week allowed me to shut out the busy voices of the world and to listen to God’s calling. Biblical mission does not happen without Biblical living and so we as Christians and as CU’s need to make the Gospel attractive to everyone in the world, especially those who are unreached.”

Multiple mission organisations based in Northern Ireland, including Operation Mobilisation and International Justice Mission, spoke at online seminars. The representatives sought to make students aware of the unreached and disconnected populations not only around the world but in our cities and universities as well. The seminars helped students explore how they can practically engage with cross cultural mission on their campuses and look at ways in which they can use their skills and degrees to serve God both globally and locally.

In the evening sessions students were challenged by Chris Wright, who unpacked what it means to carry out God’s call on our lives everyday, driven from the key themes in his book, “The Mission of God’s People”. Chris’s heart for Christ led him to serve oversees for many years, and students shared how it was inspiring to gain an insight into the wisdom he’s gained from his wealth of experience in teaching and pastoring across the world. Chris focused on exploring God’s heart for mission and how we are called to have a purposeful role in the outworking of that.

Made for Mission week gave students an incredible opportunity to engage with Christ’s calling in our daily lives. The talks and seminars throughout the five days highlighted that mission is just as important globally as it is locally within our university campuses and friendship groups.

Sarah Foster, a student from Queens University said, “The week has transformed how I see mission. I was reminded of how gracious God is to me. God’s grace came first, I did nothing. With all that God has done for me, the only appropriate response is to bring Him the glory He deserves by demonstrating His love, compassion and grace to the world.”