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Finding joy in God during uncertainty


2020 has been an upside–down year for many, especially for Peter Carrigan. Here’s how he’s been finding joy in God during lockdown.

Finding joy in God during uncertainty

Peter is a mechanical engineer student at Ulster University Magee, acting as the evangelism co–ordinator at UUMCU.

As part of his placement year, he went away with Operation Mobilisation to serve on board the Logos Hope ship in August 2019. He spent the year spreading the good news of Jesus, with communities in Brazil, Argentina and the Caribbean before the ship went into lockdown.

When Peter returned home at the beginning of Autumn, he was met with a very different world to the one he had left. He says, “One of the strangest things is seeing everything online now, and it’s difficult to be relational through a screen.

“As evangelism co–ordinator, I envisioned that we would be able to be out on campus a lot more, sharing the love of Jesus with anyone and everyone we meet, and run classes on evangelism to train Christian students how to creatively and boldly share their faith. This is something we’re making plans to do in person God–willing in the second semester.”

Continuous lockdowns have caused many people to feel anxious and low. For Peter, however, the extra time that lockdown has created has actually driven him to enjoy God more, spending more free time in God’s presence and delighting in his word.

He adds, “Enjoying God is a choice. Before I go to class, I set aside time to read my Bible. I have been really encouraged by stories in the Old Testament of how God remained faithful to the Israelites through all their highs and lows. I’ve also been reading Acts and learning afresh of the first movement of churches going out boldly for mission.

“One of the biggest things God has been teaching me is reliance on him in a time of so much uncertainty. I’m reassured that God’s peace goes with us, wherever we are. I’m learning patience in waiting on God, coming before him everyday in surrender and humility, and trusting that he will give me the strength I need to get through the day, and the courage required to proclaim the good news on campus.

“In CU, it’s been so encouraging to get alongside other Christian guys and learn from what God has been teaching them in this time too and to encourage one another with the hope we have to declare on campus.”