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Munster CUs Big Weekend Away – Words Of Life

Peter Grier, 21/10/16

A fun weekend of getting to know others in your CU, people from other CUs, great Bible teaching from Matthew Fox–Lilley, discussion, time to chill out, space to engage with God, a bonfire, capture the flag and much, much more! It’s a weekend that is uniquely designed to inspire and equip you to live for Jesus as a student.

Munster CUs Big Weekend Away – Words Of Life

Words of Life: what’s it all about?

Dry. Meaningless. Even ugly. Words can so often seem powerless and be misused. But what if they could bring life? What if they were spirit– filled? Come along for a practical look at what God wants for our campuses and student life.

When: 21st–23rd October
Where: Carhue Centre, Bandon
What to bring: Sleeping bag, pillow, pillow case, towel, clothes to run round a field in, warm clothes (it can be quite cold by then!), Bible, notebook, pen, money for bookstall, tray–bakes/buns for coffee breaks.