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Looking up in lockdown

Charlotte, ULCU, 24/02/21

Charlotte from University of Limerick shares what God has been teaching her in the twists of turns of 2020/2021 and in her first year as a student. POEM: Jeff Stanford, ULCU

Looking up in lockdown

 “The past year has been a real challenge regardless of the pandemic.  I finished school, started university, and moved out to Limerick. But the pandemic has added a whole new layer of challenge. 

“I was expecting to have the time of my life this year, but instead it has been quite isolating and lonely. I have had a lot of doubts in the last year and at times really questioned and wrestled with God, but he has taught me some incredible lessons.  

“I’m definitely a person that likes having plans and likes to be organised, but I can’t think of a single thing this year that has gone to plan. A question that has really challenged me this year is even when bad things happen or when life doesn’t go to plan, Am I still willing to accept that God is control?

“I read the story of Job with my youth leader during the first lockdown, and I think we can really see Job wrestle with this question but ultimately, we learn from his story that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, and that is never going to change. 

“This has given me so much hope in a life that seems so uncertain. The world is such a chaotic place to live, and I may not understand everything behind his reasoning. However, I am trying every day to trust in God and his plan.”