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QUBCU see God move through “FOMO”

Sarah Foster, 30/03/21

At the start of March, Queens University Belfast held their Mission Week with the theme “FOMO” (fear of missing out). Committee member Sarah Forster fills us in on how God moved and worked in and through the week.

QUBCU see God move through “FOMO”

There was huge excitement leading up to events week. Although not being able to meet in–person was disappointing and brought about new challenges, it also brought about new opportunities. We were able to invite people to watch our livestreams from all over the world and they could be accessed after streaming – allowing the gospel to be reached by even more people! Viewers were able to have their questions asked when perhaps they wouldn’t have had the courage to ask them in person before and we had brilliant speakers able to reach us remotely and in–person. It also allowed our mission week sub–committee to use their (highly praised!) technological gifts.

Lea, a 2nd year Politics and International Relations student, said: “FOMO was such an encouraging week, and it was incredible to see how God moved in the strange circumstances we faced. I was reminded of Ephesians 3 v 20: ‘now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…’ Even though mission week was online, God was not limited!”

The Fear Of Missing Out is something that couldn’t be a more suitable topic to talk about in 2021. In the digital age, we can be left pining after the influencers who appear to have it all. Particularly in lockdown, we can feel discontentment about the state we’re living in; the grass is always greener on the other side of the pandemic.

Here’s some of the brilliant reminders that we received during FOMO week:

  • God doesn’t have employees, he only has children [Luke 15 v 11–32]
  • Jesus was drained so that we could be filled [John 4 v 1–26; 19 v 28]
  • Jesus would rather die than be without you [Mark 14 v 3–9]
  • Death is not the end of your story [Luke 12 v 13–21]
  • Jesus gets into the boat of our stormy lives and says ‘I’m here’ [Mark 4 v 35–41]


Of course, our mission didn’t finish on 5th March. Before our Mission Week we had 50 copies of Uncover Mark to be used as follow–up one–to–one studies with friends. All 50 were taken by the end of the week! And we’re ordering more!

Let’s pray that these studies would be fruitful, that God would bless the Christians leading the discussions and soften the hearts of those searching to know more about Jesus. May they see Him more clearly as they spend time in Mark’s gospel.

We have also heard of a student come to faith through what they have heard in FOMO, Praise God for another soul saved! Thank God for His loving kindness in bringing this student to Him. May we as a CU help them to grow in knowledge and love for God that they would have a desire to serve Him.

Events for International Students 

At the start of the week, we ran a free meal collection in the City Centre and near Queen’s. Over the two locations, around 80 students collected a meal. All of the volunteers found that it was great to be able to chat to people, even for a short period of time.

After such a great turnout on the Monday night, numbers dropped for our first Zoom call with our speaker Peter Teagle (Friends International) but increased over the week with the same non–Christian students coming back. Peter’s Q&A session led to 4 non–Christian students signing up for a copy of Peter’s book, ‘Is Christianity a Western religion and other questions international students ask’. Some students are currently involved in following up with international students who came along.