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God uses us where he places us

Emily Dunham, 06/05/21

God uses us where he places us

Emily, a second year international student at NUIG in Galway, shares how she witnessed God’s perfect timing in placing her where his Word needed to be proclaimed this year.

I wonder what comes to mind when you think of mission? Perhaps it’s handing out fliers, or inviting friends to an evangelistic event at CU. This year, I saw that mission is so much more.

When Covid hit, I realised that I couldn’t return home and I needed somewhere to live. Thankfully, God provided accommodation and I moved in with a Christian landlady. Little did I know what God was going to do.

Last November, my landlady’s son, his girlfriend (Katelyn) and their child moved into our house after experiencing some financial difficulties. They weren’t Christians, but staying with my landlady and I meant that they witnessed how we lived day to day and how important Jesus is to us.

Then, in March, I saw first–hand how God was revealing himself to this family. My landlady’s son needed a laptop to interview for a job but couldn’t afford it, however somebody from church had heard of their situation and reached out with a financial gift. This act of kindness blew both Katelyn and her boyfriend away, as they couldn’t understand why a stranger would do this for them. My landlady and I explained how God did something similar by sending Jesus to die for sinners who didn’t even know him yet. Katelyn later told me that this was the moment when she began investigating Christianity.

A month later, my landlady and I were chatting to Katelyn and sharing God’s work in our lives. During this conversation, Katelyn shared how she wanted to learn more about this relationship with God. I offered to go through Uncover Mark with her, a resource I received from the Christian Union, and we started watching a Christian series called ‘The Chosen’. After talking some more, we prayed together and Katelyn became a Christian! Since this moment, it has been incredible to see the Holy Spirit opening her eyes to grace and giving her a new perspective.

As someone who grew up in a Christian home, I never really knew what it was like to live without God. However, it was amazing to see God at work in Kaitlyn’s life and how he placed me in this situation to make himself known to her.

Throughout the past few months, I’ve seen how salvation is entirely a work of God. I’ve also learned that mission involves your day–to–day interactions with whoever God has placed in your life at this moment. His mission is in everything we do.

Photo used with permission.