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Prayer Diary, June 2021


Please stand with us in prayer during May.

Prayer Diary, June 2021

27 May – 2 June

Pray for rest for students finishing exams and starting summer holidays. Pray for a fresh excitement for a new year of mission on campus to develop during their time off.

Pray for freshers who will start university in September. Pray that they would connect with their local CU over the summer and feel already a part of the family by the time they begin.

3 – 9 June

Pray for wisdom for the CU leaders and staff as we seek to develop a vision and plan for CU ministry for the next academic year. Pray for wisdom and discipline as we spend more time trying to develop excellent resources that can equip CU small group leaders for their role in the next year.

Pray for the continuation of God’s work through Ulster University Coleraine CU (UUCCU) mission week. Pray that conversations around the gospel would continue and students would continue to meet intentionally with non–Christian friends over the summer.

10 – 16 June

Pray for Bekah, a first year student at Institute of Technology Tralee, who is the only Christian we know of on her campus. Pray that God would help to re–establish a CU there in the new academic year.

Please pray for Maynooth University CU – for a new committee to form that God will use to share the gospel on Maynooth next year.

17 – 23 June

With dwindling numbers over the last year, pray that the CU at Waterford Institute of Technology (WITCU) would not be discouraged but press into the Lord. Praise God for those who are faithfully digging deeper into the Bible, and pray that God would lead them to reach out more and bless their efforts.

Pray that God would continue to grow the impact from the CU mission week at Ulster University Magee. Pray that the committee would develop a real excitement for the year ahead.

24 – 30 June

Pray for the last day of the Relay programme on 25 June. Praise God for all that he has done through and in the lives of our five Relay Workers this year. Pray for them as they transition out of Relay and into their next steps.

Pray for quality rest for the whole CUI staff team as they enjoy holiday time with families. Pray they would return refreshed and refuelled for the year ahead.