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The God I don’t understand

Alison Williams, 24/06/21

Summer reading for CU leaders

The God I don’t understand

The God I don’t understand: reflections on tough questions of faith, by Christopher J.H. Wright

As we grow as Christians our questions about God, the world and the future often become more complex and difficult to answer. As a CU leader you may be wrestling with questions of faith personally, or even struggling to answer the questions your friends are asking.

In The God I don’t understand, Chris Wright provides his reflections on the questions he personally finds most challenging. He begins with questions of suffering and evil and his difficulties with Old Testament narratives. He then delves into the heart of the Christian message, the Christ’s work at the cross, and wonders why this was necessary, especially when it seems so unpalatable to our contemporary world. Then finally he addresses his own questions about the end of all things.

It is wonderful to read the reflections of an older Christians and Biblical scholar who still has questions, and recognises that there are indeed mysteries to navigate along The Way. Not only is it affirming to discover that someone like Chris Wright still has unanswered questions, but it is so helpful to experience how he works out considered answers to them.

We can learn so much from his understanding of the Bible and clear thinking about his own limitations. Yet perhaps what is most helpful for the reader is the humility with which Wright reads and submits to the Scriptures and the God who is revealed there.

The God I don’t understand, may not be comfortable summer reading, but it will enrich you as a leader and provide you with deep insights into the love, faithfulness and mercy of God who invites our questions and meets us in our struggles. Why not ask one another CU leader to read it along with you and discuss how you could apply this wisdom in your life and leadership?

The God I don’t understand was given to CU leaders (2021/22) free of charge by the Langham Partnership |