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Prayer Diary, July 2021


Please stand with us in prayer during July.

Prayer Diary, July 2021

1 – 7 July  

Pray for recent graduates, that they would find their identity in Christ and not in their career, earnings, influence, status, or even in the praise or criticism they receive from their employers. Pray they would know the Lord’s wisdom, his provision, and a deep sense on their hearts that he is good.

Pray for international students who are still in Dublin over the summer. Praise God for students in Dublin CUs welcoming them throughout the year alongside churches, and pray that they will connect even better with local church communities now that churches can meet in person.

8 – 14 July

Two students in Waterford IT became Christians in the last year, as well as others across the island. They haven’t been able to physically attend a church since starting to follow Jesus. Pray they would quickly find churches to grow in now.

Pray for another student in Waterford graduating this year who is seriously considering serving God in a Muslim country. Praise God for how he works during students’ time in college to show them his heart for mission for their whole lives! 

15 – 21 July

CU committees around the island have been or will be meeting soon to plan for the next year; praise God for many recent opportunities to meet in person and pray they would bond together. Pray that they will be filled with boldness to try new things, and think strategically and creatively about how to share the gospel in their campus context.

Pray that over the summer plans could come together for re–starting the CU at MTU–Kerry (Tralee) in the new academic year.

22 – 28 July          

There are a variety of conferences in Northern Ireland that the CUI team are hoping to support in the summer. Pray for opportunities to connect with and to support those coming to university despite these conferences all looking different than usual.

Pray for Trinity College Dublin CU “Events Week” committee: that a committee would be formed, they would be committed and passionate about sharing the Gospel on campus, and the Lord would be preparing the hearts of these students over the summer so they are ready to start planning when term starts.

29 July – 4 August

Praise God for the encouragement that small group Bible study and discussion groups were to students over the past year. Pray for the development of the Small Group Leaders’ Booklet, that it would be a great resource in encouraging, training, and equipping small group leaders next year.