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What I’ve learned this year


Despite Covid, God has been at work in the hearts and lives of students across Ireland.

What I’ve learned this year

This past year has been completely transformative. During lockdown, I went to church for the first time (even though it was online), met other young Christians, and gave my life to Jesus. When everything in the world was at its bleakest and most hopeless, God could not be restricted. It’s so easy to think of God in terms of human limitations, but he is so much bigger and greater than we could imagine! The God that created the vastness of the galaxies, and the incredible complexity of each tiny cell, is the same one that cares individually for us. I can get so lost in the triviality of my life, but I’ve been really learning just to be in awe of him. He really is such a good God.

– Meadhbh, TU Dublin


God is teaching me dependency. This year there have been personal as well as global challenges far beyond my control. But God consistently revealed himself to me in the most amazing ways. When I’ve wanted something so desperately that didn’t come through, I can look back and see God’s hand resting on me; encouraging me that his plan will prosper, and both it, and his timing will be for my good. While I wait, Lord, I’ll worship!

– Sarah, Queens University Belfast


When everything stopped suddenly, I was so out of sorts and feeling really down. My default position is to be super busy and I think I took my self–worth from how “productive” and “involved” I was in everything. However, I began truly relying on God for strength. My prayer life was better than before and I was reading his Word daily. This year, God has used his Word and the people in my life to reshape my outlook on busyness. I feel I have grown closer to him and understand better how to rest and rely on him for everything.

– Daisy, Dublin City University


God has been teaching me to be patient. That’s difficult for someone like me who wants to be in control. There have been times this year when I’ve taken things into my own hands and they haven’t worked out. It wasn’t until I trusted in his promise in Matthew 6:34 to, “Not worry about tomorrow” that I began to understand why God wants us to be patient. In my waiting, he has reminded me that he will always satisfy and he has deepened my reliance on him to provide.

– Tamsin, Relay Worker


God has been teaching me a lot about truth. Through conversations, experiences and things I’ve read, God has been teaching me that he is the one reliable truth that I can build my life upon. Especially in times when I get overwhelmed by all the voices out there in the world saying different things, I take comfort in knowing that God’s Word is always the true and solid foundation even though it may be unpopular with the world. That brings such security and freedom (John 8:32).

– Amy, Queens University Belfast