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Prayer Diary, August 2021


Please stand with us in prayer during August

Prayer Diary, August 2021

29 July – 4 August            

Praise God for the encouragement that small group Bible study and discussion groups were to students over the past year. Pray for the development of the Small Group Leaders’ Booklet, that it would be a great resource in encouraging, training, and equipping small group leaders next year.

Pray for the Relay Workers who have been with us this past year: Abigail moving to Turin, Italy to work with the GBU (IFES movement) there; Lycia starting as GBU Regional Staff Worker in Lyon, France; Luke staying on with CUI to work as Staff Worker with Stranmillis University College CU; Tamsin and Naomi starting jobs in Dublin.

5 – 11 August     

The Northern team are running Equip:Lead over the summer with CU leaders across Belfast and the North–west diving deeply into areas of faith, culture and leadership. Pray for long–term impact for Christian leaders, for them to thrive no matter what they do after university.

Pray for Flux:Freshers – another new resource (following on from Flux:School Leavers) helping those heading to university to engage more with God’s Word and apply that to their lives. Pray it would reach many freshers and be a really helpful starting point for them.

12 – 18 August   

Pray for students as they rest and reconnect with friends, family, and church communities over the summer: that they would be encouraged in their walk with the Lord, filled with joy and hope each day. Pray they would be renewed and strengthened after a tough year.

Pray for the initial planning of the Belfast CUs City–Wide Mission taking place in January/February 2022. CUI Workers have been meeting with the CU Mission Secretaries to think this through. Pray for all involved as they aim to have a launch ready in time for the start of freshers’ events on 23 August.

19 – 25 August   

A series of Bible studies are being created to help Christian students ground their identity in Christ. Pray for this opportunity for the CUs to point to Christ as the only source of identity who brings lasting peace and joy as their friends are asking questions around identity.

Pray for CU Freshers and Internationals Officers helping the committees to think through how to make the most of upcoming Freshers’ Weeks. Pray that they see the importance of welcoming new students but also demonstrating that the CU exists for the sake of mission. 

26 August – 1 September              

Due to the changing restrictions, Equip plans have been adapted for the end of the summer.

Pray for the Southern Team as they go to Dublin, Cork, and Galway to host three Equip days to encourage and equip CU students as they start classes again and look ahead to Freshers’ joining CU.

Pray for the Northern Team running Equip:Small Group Leaders, Equip:Refresh, and Equip:Freshers during the last week of August.

Pray for the logistics of these events and energy for the CUI team, including all the new Staff and Relay Workers, as they host! Pray that students would come and be excited by the vision of sharing the good news of Jesus.