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Meet our new Staff Workers!

Mark Ellis, 28/07/21

We’re thrilled that, by God’s grace, we have some godly staff joining this summer who are passionate for God’s glory in the student world.

Meet our new Staff Workers!

Chris McGuire

Staff Worker | Dublin

It’s a joy to be able to serve the local church by coming alongside CUs to help them fulfil the great commission on their campus.

It is a privilege to share the gospel with one person, let alone be given the opportunity to share the gospel with many throughout the week. I am excited to be joining CUI, coming alongside Christian Unions in Dublin to share the gospel of grace. I want to help Christian students give their peers an opportunity to both hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel has radically transformed my life and I long to see it change more lives across campuses here in Dublin.

Universities and Colleges are training and equipping their students to be the next leaders in science, politics, law, sport, the arts and every other discipline, giving Christian Unions a unique position in shaping the future of our country. That’s why it’s so vital to give students the opportunity to hear the gospel, and for students who already love God, to be trained and equipped with the good news of Jesus.

Elin Williams

Staff Worker | Galway & Limerick

I love seeing students come to know more about God, to see and experience him, and discover that he is good.

After eight years serving and working with the Christian Unions in Bangor, Wales, I’m moving to Ireland. I’m delighted that God has opened the door for me to continue working with students but now in Galway, Limerick, Athlone, and Sligo.

The Christian Unions have such a unique opportunity to reach peers and friends and to give them a beautiful chance to explore the Christian faith for themselves. In the midst of all of this, I love seeing students come to know more of God, to see and experience him, and ultimately, taste and see that he is good.

Moving from one Celtic nation to another I already feel a warmth towards Ireland, it being so similar to Wales. However, I know I will have a lot to learn about Ireland and what makes the Irish… Irish! Our God is a God of all the nations and I’m excited to serve and witness here in Ireland.

Luke Sherwin

Associate Staff Worker | Belfast

It is such a joy being part of a team committed to reach all students with the good news of Jesus.

I am really pleased to stay on with CUI after spending a year on Relay in Belfast. I graduated from Stranmillis last summer and spent a year working with Queens CU afterwards. After seeing how God was working in the CU groups on both campuses, I can’t wait to get started as a Staff Worker at Stranmillis.

It is such a joy being part of a team committed to reach all students with the good news of Jesus. I am honoured to be able to play a small part. And it will be amazing going back to Stranmillis having studied there. It’ll be great to go back! I’m excited to see how best we can display Christ there in its unique and strategic context, both on campus and in reaching teachers who will have such a huge influence over the next generation.

Please pray with me that the Spirit will give student leaders wisdom in planning for a year of mission, and that he will draw them into a deep understanding of God’s goodness which he freely offers.

Wallace Bruce

Staff Worker | North–west

I really believe that if students develop deep relationships with Jesus, the potential impact on their university will be immense

I’m excited to start as the North–west Staff Worker. I’m a recent graduate from Ulster University in Coleraine, which introduced me to both the stunning North coast and the work of CUI.

It’s an unbelievable privilege to join the CUI team and work with students across the North West, in a place where I and many others experience God’s presence so powerfully. So many students experience the Father’s love for them for the first time through a coastal sunset or serene sea in this part of the country. This makes for an incredible context to disciple and make new disciples through the platform that Christian Unions offer.

I’m excited to see the Holy Spirit move in the lives of students, inviting them into a deeper relationship with Jesus and sending them out to love the world and make him known. There are so many at university who need to hear of the love that the Father has for them. Christian Unions are vital to reach these people at such a critical time of their lives.

Also joining us…

We’re thrilled that Heledd Job and Andrew Morrow will be joining our International Student Ministries (ISM) team; Heledd in Dublin and Andrew in Belfast. The ISM team are at the heart of CUI’s ministry, being a 50/50 partnership between CUI and Friends International.

Plus we will have seven new Relay Workers on the team from mid–August, working with CUs in Cork, Galway, Dublin and Belfast, and one Reach Worker in Northern Ireland.