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Prayer Diary, September 2021


Please stand with us in prayer during September

Prayer Diary, September 2021

2– 8 September 

Pray for school leavers who feel disappointed because of disrupted school years or exams. Pray that those who didn’t get their desired course would know God is still in control and works all things together for their good.

Waterford IT and IT Carlow are merging to become a Technological University this year. Pray that God would lead and bless the CU leaders as they restructure and start to work together.

9 – 15 September             

Pray for Ulster University Belfast CU’s photography competition happening during Freshers’ Week, that people would be intrigued by the message of hope shared.

Praise God there is a committee in place for Maynooth CU this year as it was touch and go as to whether they would have the required number of students for a while.

16 – 22 September           

Hundreds of thousands of school leavers don’t know Christ: pray that even the uncertainties of Covid would make them question what truly matters most in life and they will connect with a CU and hear the message of hope in the gospel.

Pray that our loving Father would supply financially what we need as CUI for the mission he has called us to. Give thanks for the partnership of so many already in this way.

23 – 30 September          

Pray for the Limerick IT (LIT) CU committee as they get used to some of their key members having graduated or gone on placement.

Pray that this year, as students and staff remain faithful in proclaiming Christ crucified, attractively and clearly, that the Holy Spirit would awaken dull and dead hearts and draw many to see and savour Christ.