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Prayer Diary, October 2021


Please stand with us in prayer during October.

Prayer Diary, October 2021

1 – 7 October

There are seven Relay Workers this year around the island, as well as a Reach trainee (Friends International’s discipleship programme). Pray that they would build great relationships with students and that students would grow more confident in their identity in Christ and outreach, as a result of Relay Workers coming alongside them this year.

Students on the North coast are experiencing a lack in the clubs/societies/activities they can be involved in due to COVID restrictions. Pray that both returning students and freshers can find groups to be involved with which can become ripe ground for mission on campus.

8 – 14 October

Waterford IT CU are hosting an open mic night to build relationships with unbelievers and people in other college societies. Pray for boldness as they also plan to host an evangelistic event and talk early in the semester.

Pray for the plans for a Munster CU’s weekend away at the end of October; that it would be able to happen within restrictions and that it would fire students up for mission.

Molly (Relay Worker) and Elin (Staff Worker) are both very new to Galway/the West. Praise God for how he has looked after them so far and pray for peace as they continue to adjust to a new place and that they would develop good relationships with CU members, churches and non–Christians.

15 – 21 October

Praise God for the zeal given to the Royal College of Surgeons CU committee and for their willingness to try new things in faith that God will work. Pray that they would continue to grow deeper in love for God and his Word and find great joy as they serve him and their campus.

Galway and Limerick CU students at the end of EQUIP: Galway in August were filled with passion for the mission of introducing fellow students to Jesus. We’re thankful for gospel communities that are excited for mission and not ashamed of the gospel. Pray that there would be many opportunities to witness on campus this semester.

22 – 28 October

Praise God for the growing International Student Ministry team in Belfast, including new ISM Staff Worker Andrew, and Olivia, Reach trainee. Pray for new connections made with international students and good relationships with churches and CUs as they partner in ministry.

Many freshers came to Stranmillis CU events at the beginning of the year. Pray for them as they seek to integrate into CU and campus life. Praise God for increased integration with the Students’ Union (SU) at Stranmillis too, including the CU international coordinator being asked to speak at an SU event about the light and dark at Halloween.

29 October – 4 November

Queen’s University Belfast CU have their weekend away the 5–7 November. Pray that many will attend and be emboldened in the gospel, equipped for mission, united, and challenged to make an impact on their campus. 

Praise God for the growth, not just in number but in gospel–shaped community and conviction, of Dublin City University (DCU) CU over the past couple of years. This year they are navigating being back in person and the joys, opportunities, and challenges of having a CU spread over two campuses.