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Rebooting CUs


New starts. Fresh vision. CU mission in renewed community.

Rebooting CUs

Across the island, students face a mix of online and in–person lectures. No–one knows what campus life this year will look like.

Organic CU mission happens best during chats on walks between lecture halls, over coffee in the canteen, over late–night pizza in student flats, and through first contact evangelism in campus quads. The year ahead may still be uncertain, but CU students are returning eager to build warm communities that embody the gospel and offer Jesus to every student on campus.

“Even though CU was on Zoom last year, I really looked forward to it because it was real community. Everybody craves community and deep friendships, and yet most people don’t know the reason why. Christians know that we’re created for real relationships. I think this love from God for each other can be at the centre of CU mission and can bring people in.’’ –Naja, Waterford IT

“It’s so cool that we can show people who Jesus is by sharing his actual words with them in the book of Mark. Something as simple as going for a coffee and reading together can totally change people’s perceptions of Jesus, allowing them to come to their own conclusions.” –Ben, Queens University Belfast

“When I think of the lady who broke nard on Jesus’ head, I imagine myself and whether or not I would be willing to give up that much for him. But recognising I have a personal relationship with the creator of the universe is amazing. Jesus is worth it! This helps me deal with the potential difficulties and struggles of being a Christian as I go to university.” –Elizabeth, University College Dublin

“Being in college as a Christian can be costly. However, understanding the depth of God’s love for our friends makes this totally worth it. It can be easy to forget this, and we have to constantly look at Jesus more and ourselves less.” –Nathan, Dublin City University

“It’s been so great to be back together again; to see some familiar faces and meet completely new people as well. It’s great that we all share a common purpose; to build up our Christian community, to learn more about God and make him known on campus.” Sarah, Stranmillis College

“On campus we do kind of have an agenda, which is to share the good news with our friends! That’s why Uncover Mark is so exciting; it allows us to open up the Bible with a mate easily.” –Isaac, University College Dublin

“I’m really looking forward to getting back and looking out especially for those people who might be new to CU.” –Amy, Stranmillis College

“It has been a joy to meet with other students in person and to be strengthened for another year of CU mission. I’ve been encouraged by the reminder to love others in the best way I can, using what God has given me, and to fully trust him with the rest.” –Emily, NUI Galway