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Singing just a little bit louder…

Sarah Foster, 19/10/21

“Greater things are yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city”

Singing just a little bit louder…

At this point I stopped and listened. 280 students were behind me singing from their hearts. I went to stand in the corner of the room to look at this crowd. It was so clear to me that God was working in them; the tuneful praise was coming from sincere hearts and that filled me with so much excitement and anticipation for the year ahead.

On a Sunday in September, students from QUB, Stranmillis, UUJ and UUB gathered together in prayer and praise to God as we sought to intercede for our campuses; bringing whole campuses to God in prayers for revival, and CUs, as we strive in our mission and in discipleship this year.

In organising this event we had two aims: to demonstrate our unity as Christian students across this city in our efforts to make the love of God known on our campuses, and to see students unrivalled in their enthusiasm about the opportunities God would present us with on our campus this year.

I must admit, for a good while before the night started I was lost amongst all the preparation; was the livestream going to work? Was the church service beforehand going to finish on time so we could set up? ….Until I saw the HUGE line of students up the stairs. Until I was told there was a giant line of students queuing down the street to get in. What an amazing witness to the people of Belfast; 280 students weren’t queuing to get into a nightclub, as so often is the stereotype of students, but they were queuing to get into a church, to meet with God in fellowship with His people and to bring glory to Him.

A big theme of the night, both directly and indirectly, was unity. I loved what Stran CU’s Prayer Secretary, Dan Hamilton, shared with us from Exodus 17: “Aaron and Hur took Moses’ hands and they held them up. I wonder this year could we take the hands of [each other’s campuses] and lift them to God in prayer”. On Sunday evening we had a visual representation of our unity in Christ together across the city. But the next and crucial step is living a life in response to this unity. One way we can do that is through prayer.

Queens’ Relay Worker Andrew Rogers opened up James 5 with us as we dwelt upon what it means to live in the light of the truth that “the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (verse 16). Remembering God’s Deity and our identity before Him ought to motivate us to be praying more regularly, relationally and with a focus on praying with the reality of seeking God to save souls from death.

Someone commented that evening that the guitars were strummed a little harder and everyone sang a little louder as the night progressed. God was working in our hearts that night, answering our prayers for the revival of our own hearts so immediately and so powerfully, that we can trust that He will be with us and will answer our prayers as we enter this next academic year and beyond.

“My heart restored, with all your saints I sing, ‘Father, not my will but Yours be done’”

––Sarah Foster