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Prayer Diary, November 2021


Prayer Diary, November 2021

29 October – 4 November

Queen’s University Belfast CU have their weekend away the 5–7 November. Pray that many will attend and be emboldened in the gospel, equipped for mission, united, and challenged to make an impact on their campus. 

Praise God for the growth, not just in number but in gospel–shaped community and conviction, of Dublin City University (DCU) CU over the past couple of years. This year they are navigating being back in person and the joys, opportunities, and challenges of having a CU spread over two campuses.

5 – 11 November

Pray that every CU would see students come to Christ this academic year, for God’s glory and our great joy.

Pray for events coming up in Stranmillis CU such as a Zumba night and an auction. Pray for the students as they hope to be able to share the gospel with friends while also fundraising for future plans.

12 – 18 November

Pray for the Queen’s University Belfast CU Small Groups as they meet together weekly. Pray that these groups will develop into strong communities together centred on God’s Word so that they’ll be joyful in their witness through monthly outreach events.

Pray that the multicultural nature of many of the CUs in Dublin would be a great way to display the community that the gospel creates, and that churches and CUs would love international students well as they navigate culture shock and try to integrate into life in the city, especially throughout winter and the Christmas period.

19 – 25 November

The small group communities are growing and building at Ulster University Jordanstown this year. Pray that they would exist as vibrant communities where students point each other to Jesus and that their enthusiasm for mission would overflow and set the culture of the CU.

Heidi (Associate Staff Worker) is focusing this year on rebuilding, strengthening, and pioneering smaller CUs in Carlow, Dundalk, and Dún Laoghaire. Pray for her as she Zooms or travels along the East coast connecting with students and dividing her time between her church ministry and these campuses.

26 November – 2 December

One of the most exciting events of the year in Belfast is the city–wide carol service on 8 December. We hope to see many hundreds of students across Belfast come and hear the gospel. Pray that the CUs across Belfast will unite together behind this vision and that CU students will be bold in their invitations.

Pray for CU committees as they take time to look back at the semester and to solidify plans for the next semester. Pray that through the end–of–semester tiredness they would know God’s faithfulness and not grow weary but lean on him and trust in his strength to carry them next semester again!