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Does Church student work matter?

Mark Ellis, 25/11/21

Does Church student work matter?

If you’re reading this, most likely you became a Christian at school or university. Only one in six Christians turned to Christ after the age of 25. Which means five out of six did so before they turned 25.

That’s why working with students, matters. They’re at an age when they’re deciding who they are, who they’ll become, and what life is all about. They’re asking big questions. So the student years are our last, best opportunity to show them that they were made for a joy–filled relationship with their Father, in union with Jesus Christ, by the Spirit.

So student mission matters.

As does student discipleship. You will have students in your church, hungry to grow and eager to know Jesus personally. After all, Gen–Z are a generation craving authenticity. They want more than just head knowledge about Jesus. They want an intimacy and spiritual reality that puts me to shame. And they want to change the world. And we want to help them do that in a godly and grace–fuelled way.

So working with students matters, both in mission and discipleship. And these are not separate categories. Like two magnets, you can pull them apart for a moment to examine about them, but they quickly clamp together. That’s because mission is not about broadcasting news of a thin transaction. It’s about winning non–Christian students’ hearts to a joy–filled relationship with Christ crucified. And when does this mission happen? It overflows naturally when Christian students are so thrilled by Jesus and the beauty of God’s holiness and compelled by his love, that they can’t help but share him.

Student discipleship and student mission are inseparable. And what Ireland needs is a new generation who are passionate in their pursuit of glorifying and enjoying Christ. A generation so thrilled with him that no one will be able to stop them living and speaking for him: on campus, in every corner of this island, in every walk of life, for as long as they have breath.

And you are at the heart of this movement. By God’s grace, as you work with the students in your churches or ministries, you have an opportunity to fire and fuel them with a glorious gospel that will change them forever, and through them spread the aroma of Christ to all. And it is our privilege as CUI to walk alongside you. One of our core values is to serve the Church. We long, together with you, to be a catalyst that will bring this transformation into the life of every student on this island, for God’s glory and our great joy.

—Mark Ellis, Director of CUI