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IFES World Leadership visit Ireland

Sally Patty, 23/05/17

This week sees the first ever visit of IFES World Leadership to Ireland. Over twenty nationalities gather at Dromantine, Newry.

IFES World Leadership visit Ireland

The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) represents Christian students in over 160 countries worldwide. The Irish Movement, Christian Unions Ireland (CUI), is present in over 30 campuses north and south and recently sponsored the highly successful Reasons for Hope event in March and April, featuring Christian philosopher William Lane Craig and scientist John Lennox.

For the first time, IFES World has chosen Ireland for its annual gathering of its global leadership. Over twenty nationalities in 11 regions, including the Middle East and North Africa, Latin America, and East Asia are represented this week at Dromantine Conference Centre outside Newry. CUI Director Dr David Montgomery says “it is a great honour for a movement like ours to host this gathering and hear first hand of some of the issues faced by Christian students in other part of the world. Freedom of religion, speech, the right to assembly, and academic freedom are just some of the issues faced in contexts where Christians are in the minority, including Western Europe. But it is encouraging to hear how students have been courageous in speaking up for what they believe and also in serving their neighbours and blessing the university through their lives and actions.” The meeting finishes on Thursday evening 25th May.

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