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Prayer News November 2017

Jordyn FitzGibbon, 01/11/17

Join us in praying & praising over these requests this month

Prayer News November 2017

1 – 4th November:

  • Praise God for Jordyn Ferraro, our new part time Communications Officer. Please pray for her as gets settled into her new role.
  • Please pray for the CUI staff team as they meet together in Greystones this week for fellowship, training and planning. 

5th – 11th:

  • Please pray for the weekly tea and coffee outreaches that are happening on campus on Mondays  at UL CU. Pray that these would provide more of an opportunity to share the Gospel and build up the visibility and influence of the CU.
  • Please pray for Hollie Tagle as she speaks at the North West supporters group about International Student Ministry on Sunday.
  • Praise God for the support and partnership of the local churches in Limerick and pray for all the church leaders who will be coming to share at UL CU this semester.

12th – 18th:

  • Please pray for Stran CU as they have their mission week, with events including a drama, a lunch bar and a girls/guys night. Pray that God would use the CU to reach their campus over the week ahead.
  • Praise God for the Student Council, especially the new members who have recently joined. Please pray for them as they meet this Saturday to provide student perspective on important discussions and plan a number of things for the year ahead.

19th – 25th:

  • Please pray as the CU committees around Dublin meet on Monday for fellowship together as the semester draws near to the end.
  • Praise God for our dedicated board members and please pray for them as they meet together this Saturday to discuss important issues.

26th – 2nd December:

  • Please pray for all of the CUs during this month as they organise and lead Carol services on their campuses. Pray that they would use this opportunity to invite their friends and that many students would hear the message of Jesus as a result.
  • Please pray for UUJ as they hold a ‘Big Question Night’ on Thursday evening, where students can invite friends along to hear responses to their difficult questions.