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November Book Review - Christian Unions Ireland
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November Book Review


Laura Mulligan’s review the book “Perfect Sinners” by Matt Fuller.

November Book Review

I was originally attracted to this by its catchy yet seemingly contradictory title; “perfect sinners”. To me the idea of being perfect and being a sinner seemed impossible, but throughout the book Fuller highlights how despite the many times our walk with God falters, God himself never does. And thus, comes the idea of the perfect sinner– we are made perfect, but not by ourselves. We are made perfect by the blood of Jesus shed on the cross.

As Christians, we all fall down. This book does more than remind us that we are not alone in that struggle, but it encourages the reader to keep their eyes firmly fixed on God during those moments.

 I have gained immensely from this book and Fuller’s down to earth approach of dealing with feeling weak in our everyday struggles. This book has reinforced for me that though I often feel inadequate, God is more than enough. 

In my opinion, this book would also be very suited to someone who is new to faith or even somebody who is considering taking that step and following Christ. The chapter headings are real. They deal with questions that I have heard from many people, both believers and agnostics, for example; “What does God think of me?” or “How can God love me when he hates sin?”. Furthermore, the book itself is rich in scripture and Fuller does a great job of applying it to the realities of the everyday Christian walk with examples from both his own life and from his London based congregation. The book is easily read with simple language and short but concise chapters, and Fuller makes the book even more approachable with the use of diagrams and tables to explain his points.

The epicentre of the book is this; our walk with God falters, but our status before God is steadfast in the fact that we are justified in him. We are sinners in our walk, but perfect in our status before God. Fuller does an excellent job of explaining this key Christian truth in a fresh new way that is accessible to all audiences. It highlights our freedom in Christ; both freedom from legalism and following rules to gain salvation and freedom from the guilt and shame because our status before God is unconditional.

This book would be perfect for small group or even one–to–one studies, where the questions raised by Fuller can be encouraged to be applied to the everyday life of the students. Fuller also encourages believers to come together and admit their shortcomings in order to grow and to hold each other accountable, a great way to take the studies one step deeper.

All in all, Fuller presents a book that is concise and easy to read yet maintains scriptural soundness and clarity of doctrine. I would encourage all Christians to read it, and while it keeps it simple, it is also deeply challenging and applicable to the struggles we face every day.

Laura is in final year Spanish and Portuguese at Queens University Belfast. She loves travelling, photography,  Spanish music and learning the ukelele, and can be found instagramming at @_lauramulligan